Mike Toney and Travis Gepson | Secrets of High-Performing Salespeople

Ep. 4: Secrets of High-Performing Salespeople

Every business – no matter how well they’re doing – would like to improve their sales. The solution, say Mike Toney and Travis Gepson of Conquest Training, isn’t to hire more salespeople or boost quotas.

It’s to take your current sales team and improve performance through targeted training. Truth is that standard sales training just doesn’t work.

At the heart is communication, and Mike and Travis explain how that translates to what you do during sales calls and other interactions with potential customers. Your first step is changing the way you think about your company and its products.

We also talk about…

  • How to identify the underlying causes of your sales problems
  • The role of company leadership in the sales process
  • Why there are some clients that aren’t worth it – and what to look for
  • The biggest blind spots for business owners
  • And more

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