There is No Silver Bullet

There is No Silver Bullet With Scott Bohannon

Ep. 49: There is No Silver Bullet


In this conversation, Scott Bohannon from CEO Warrior discusses common myths and misconceptions in business. He emphasizes the importance of practical application and tactical strategies in addition to mindset.

The conversation covers topics such as time management, focusing on strengths, learning from failures, and the role of technology in business growth. Scott also provides insights into the work of CEO Warrior and how they support entrepreneurs in the contracting space.


  • Building a great business takes time and is not achieved through a single silver bullet.
  • Decide where you are willing to “suck” and focus on your strengths.
  • Spend time learning from your business and continuously improve.
  • Set clear expectations for the results you want to achieve.
  • Learning from failures and adapting is crucial for success.
  • CEO Warrior provides holistic support and practical tools for entrepreneurs in the contracting space.


00:36 The Myth of the Silver Bullet

02:08 The Importance of Time Management

03:33 Deciding Where to Suck

04:59 Focusing on a Few Marketing Activities

06:14 Building on Strengths

07:11 Hiring Complementary Skills

09:09 Continuous Learning

13:40 Setting Expectations for Results

15:09 Learning from Failures

18:38 Overview of CEO Warrior

21:33 Conclusion 

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