Turn Your Employees Into Raving Fans

Turn Your Employees into Raving Fans

Ep. 48: Turn Your Employees Into Raving Fans

Your host, Ryan Englin, talks with the Founder and President of Rival Digital, Eric Thomas. Eric explored the concept of recruiting as a form of marketing, but targeted towards a different audience. Eric, with his deep expertise in marketing for the skilled trades, shed light on the effectiveness of simple strategies that are often overlooked or dismissed. The principles of marketing don’t just apply to attracting customers—they’re equally relevant when attracting talent to your team.

Eric touched on the importance of featuring a team on social media and company websites. There’s a common fear that by doing so, competitors might poach the best employees. However, Eric debunked this myth, emphasizing that highlighting a team can actually boost morale, create a positive company image, and even lead to organic recruitment opportunities.

Eric discussed the tangible impact of celebrating team members on platforms like social media. Eric pointed out that recognizing accomplishments isn’t just about feeling good—it’s a strategic move that can foster organic sharing and enhance a company’s reputation.

Connect With Eric:

Website: https://rivaldigital.com/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/eric-thomas-444388108/