Build a Pipeline Filled with the Right People Without Using a Staffing Agency or Recruiter

The Core Fit Hiring System is a repeatable, in-house recruiting process for attracting and retaining all employees you need to grow your service business and free up your time.

Finally, a System that Makes Hiring the Right People Simple & Reliable

If you operate a business and want to scale, you know highly skilled workers that are a great cultural fit are hard to come by. And it’s only getting harder.

The Core Fit Hiring System puts you in control of hiring by giving you the skills to attract, hire, and retain the people you need. So you’ll never have to rely on recruiters or staffing agencies again.

Whether you’re searching for craftworkers, laborers, technicians, or any other kind of skilled workers, The Core Fit Hiring System gives you access to them. At any time, in any job market.

How It Works

The Most Effective Way to Hire Amazing Employees

The Core Fit Hiring System is designed around an easy-to-follow 6-step structure that brings hiring in-house to save you time and money. Better yet, you don’t need a huge HR team or hiring budget.

Hiring Active Job Seekers Quickly

Discover how to cut through the noise to rapidly identify and attract the top active job seekers.

  • Review more applications in less time
  • Automate communication with candidates
  • Systematically manage job boards and listings
Screening & Interviewing Applicants

With your pipeline filled with applicants, next you’ll learn how to quickly and accurately screen candidates.

  • Get candidates to show up to interviews authentically
  • Save time with automated candidate screening
  • Master the applicant screening processes used by the biggest companies
Attracting the Right People

Powerfully position your company in a way that attracts workers with the right values and cultural fit for your team.

  • Create a clear and compelling brand and vision
  • Find and attract the best people with the Core Fit Profile
  • Clearly define who your ideal candidates are so you can reach them.
Automating Your Recruiting Efforts

Use advanced yet simple marketing techniques to make your company the place your industry’s top workers want to work.

  • Craft a strong brand reputation that talks to your ideal candidates
  • Define and tell your company story to make people choose you
  • Build a bench of candidates you can call on at any time
Effective Employee Referrals

Create a flywheel of talent by establishing an effective employee referral program that actually works.

  • Save time & money by enabling employees to recruit for you
  • Incentivize employees to become ambassadors for your company
  • Provide employees with marketing tools for promoting your team
Filling the Recruiting Pipeline

Keep your recruiting process switched on and filled with top-end workers who are ready to start as soon as you need them.

  • Keep your job ads optimized so they always out-rank your competition
  • Maintain your recruiting systems so they consistently run smoothly
  • Capitalize on your ready-to-start bench of top candidates

Scale Your Business with a
Hiring System that Simply Works

Hire the Right People Faster with Our “Done with You Services”

Applicant Tracking System Setup & Launch

Create an automated funnel to make it easy to manage all your applicants in one place.

Core Values, Vision & Purpose Development

Use our step-by-step formula to define your company’s core identity to attract your desired candidates.

Core Story™️ Development

Tell your company story that gets people to buy into your mission using our proven framework.

360 Marketing Plan™️

Build a comprehensive marketing plan for your hiring process to reach your target audience.

Core Fit Job Ad Framework

Get a high-converting job ad written for you based on our effective marketing principles that you can reuse time and again.

Interview Guide Development

Ask all the right questions and get candidates to reveal their true selves with a custom-built interviewing gameplan.

Customized Employee Referral Program

Establish an employee referral program that inspires your team to recommend your company.

Core Fit Profile™️

Develop a crystal clear picture of your ideal candidates so you know who they are and where to find them.

A Repeatable In-House System that is a Natural Part of Your Operations

The Core Fit Hiring System isn’t your typical HR process. It’s about marketing your company in a way to attract your industry’s best workers. Learn it once, then use it time and again to find the exact people you need.

Over the course of 90 days, you will be privately trained to implement The Core Fit Hiring System in your business.


Here’s what you get:
90 Days of
Implementation Support

That teaches you and your team how to use the Core Fit Hiring System in your business.

Easy-to-Follow Modules

That will make you an expert recruiter inside your business.

On-Demand Lessons

That make it simple to learn how to hire more effectively.

Hiring Topics

That breakdown and simplify every aspect of the hiring process.

Weekly Group Sessions

That will personally guide you through each training module.

What Our Happy Clients Say

The process that Ryan had was exceptional – reducing turnover, hiring techniques, even what questions I should and should not ask, and when I should ask them within the interview process.

-Mike Ricker, Crash of Rhinos Painting

Mike ricker

“Core Matters has been instrumental in helping us find qualified people. It was a change in attitude, understanding how job seekers are thinking, and where to find them that made the difference.”

-Peggy Kuhn, Kuhn AC

Peggy Kuhn

“Getting qualified candidates is a challenge and so Core Matters was a big help in putting in a system where we could attract better candidates and then also manage that.”

-Randy Reed, Team Logic It

Randy Reed

Every All-Star Player has a Coach

Hi, I’m Ryan…

Whether it’s in sport or business, all top performers have coaches. And when it comes to hiring, I’ll be yours.

Over the past 10+ years I’ve helped hundreds of America’s service businesses hire thousands of people.

When we work together, I’ll show you how to implement The Core Fit Hiring System in your business, so you can hire the top tier candidates that every service business wishes they had.




Competitive Advantages are Everything in Business. Make Hiring Yours!

With The Core Fit Hiring System, your business will always have the people it needs.


What do I get when we work together?

You will receive 90 days of personal training and coaching that will teach you how to implement the Core Fit Hiring system in your business. This includes online training resources, done-with-you services, and private coaching. In short, you get end-to-end training on how to implement the most effective system for hiring service workers.

Do you do the hiring for me?

No. The Core Fit Hiring System has been designed to “teach you how to fish”. In other words, it gives you all the skills to hire independently, anytime you need. Not only is this a more effective way to hire, but it’s also more affordable too. You’ll never have to outsource your hiring needs again.

What kind of results can I expect?

Our clients receive an application rate that is 600% higher than the industry average. We’ve even had clients fill more than 50 positions in just 90 days. These are the kinds of results you can expect, too. During our first week working together we’ll outline your goals to determine the best way to help you achieve them.

How long is the program?

The implementation of the program lasts 90 days. But you’ll experience an increase in applications within just two weeks of starting the program! Once you have completed the 90-day implementation program, you’ll continue to have access to our training site for one year.

How do we meet?

All of our coaching sessions are online using the Zoom video platform. Training resources and materials are easily accessible on-demand through our client coaching portal.

How much does the program cost?

We work with a variety of business sizes and customize the fees based on YOUR company and needs. We suggest registering for a free discovery call to discuss your company’s needs.

I'm busy running my business, how am I meant to find the time to learn this program?

We know how time-consuming running a service business can be. That’s why we have designed The Core Fit Hiring System to fit naturally as a part of your operations and busy schedule. In fact, once learned, the program will actually save you time by making interviewing, screening and hiring far more efficient.

Free eBook:
How to Hire the Ones You Won’t Want to Fire

Learn the secrets to better interviews so you always hire the right people the first time in this comprehensive 66-page eBook that’s a must-read for anyone who hires.

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