Do You Really Need a Technology Partner?

Do you really need a technology partner?

Ep. 50: Do You Really Need a Technology Partner?


David Giannetto, CEO of WorkWave, discusses the importance of technology in overcoming industry challenges and achieving business goals. He highlights the need for service providers to embrace technology to generate new customers, improve communication, and streamline operations.

David emphasizes the role of technology in moving money quickly and efficiently through a company, as well as the benefits of using technology for billing and recurring payments. He addresses the resistance to technology adoption and explains how WorkWave simplifies technology for small businesses. He also shares insights into WorkWave’s history and its partnership with trades, as well as the importance of systems and processes for small businesses. He concludes by providing action items for listeners to implement today. 


  • Technology is integral to the success of service providers, enabling them to generate new customers, improve communication, and streamline operations.
  • Accepting credit cards and using technology for billing and recurring payments can significantly improve cash flow and business profitability.
  • WorkWave offers technology solutions tailored to the needs of small businesses, simplifying operations and allowing owners to focus on building and growing their companies.
  • Local grassroots campaigns and digital marketing strategies, such as Google My Business, are effective ways for service providers to generate new customers.


01:08 The Role of Technology in Generating New Customers and Improving Communication

02:29 The Shift in Consumer Behavior and the Impact on Service Providers

03:22 The Need for Technology in Moving Money Quickly and Efficiently

05:37 Overcoming Resistance to Technology Adoption

06:23 Simplifying Technology for Small Businesses

07:45 The Importance of Building and Growing a Profitable Service Company

09:18 WorkWave’s Role in Streamlining Operations and Processes

14:00 The Importance of Systems and Processes for Small Businesses

15:26 Balancing Communication with Customers in the Digital Age

17:22 Using Technology as Designed and Avoiding Unnecessary Complexity

18:06 Action Items: Accepting Credit Cards and Generating New Customers

20:34 Learning More About WorkWave and Getting Started

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