Give Your Team a Brain Bump

TTB episode 45 Give Your Team a Brain Bump Episode

Ep. 45: Give Your Team a Brain Bump

In this episode, I welcome the author of The Career Toolkit, Mark Herschberg, an expert in leadership and career development. We talk about the myths surrounding soft skills, challenging the notion that they are innate talents rather than learned abilities. Mark says  assuming these skills can’t be taught isn’t correct.

He provides practical advice for business leaders seeking to promote growth within their teams and emphasizes the importance of recognizing the unique skill sets required for different roles. Mark introduces a novel approach to continuous learning through the Brain Bump app, ensuring key insights from podcasts, books, and talks are readily accessible for daily reinforcement.

Mark has a wealth of actionable strategies, from creating peer learning groups to the critical art of managing expectations during transitions. This episode serves as a compass for leaders navigating the often-overlooked realm of soft skills development, paving the way for a workforce that thrives on adaptability and continual improvement.

Episode Highlights:

[01:37] The biggest myth about soft skills.

[03:09] How to build any skill as a habit.

[05:11] The practice of skill-building should include coaching and feedback.

[07:45] More management training is needed for soft skills.

[09:15] How to set skill growth expectations.

[11:05] Look back at your own journey to see how you can help.

[12:19] Perspective of the employee will affect trainability.

[14:05] What kind of expectations should we set for training?

[15:50] Warning signs of the wrong employee or the wrong coaching.

[17:00] Create an environment with an open mindset for learning.

[19:42] Mark’s book The Career Toolkit and app Brain Bump.

[22:32] How the app can help you retain information and use it when it’s needed.

[24:28] The biggest takeaways.

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