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How to Hire the Ones You Won’t Want to Fire

Master the art of interviewing to get candidates to show up authentically and reveal who they REALLY are. In this ebook, you’ll have access to:

  • A step-by-step process for accurately assessing candidates
  • Interview questions to get candidates to show you who they really are
  • Interview guides that put you in control in almost every hiring situation
  • Our “Culture Fit Test” to make sure a candidate is the right fit
  • Details on The “Pullback Offer”™ and how it helps onboard candidates
  • Plus, much more…
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How You Interview Determines the Quality of People You Attract

The reality is, interviews only give you about an hour to assess every skill and personality trait of a candidate. In this tiny window of time, you need definitive answers…

Does this person have the skills for the position…?

Can I trust this person with my business’ reputation and customers…?

Will this person be the right fit for my team…?

That’s a lot to find out in just an hour or two. Complicating things further, who you meet in the interview is often very different than who shows up on day one!

The truth is interviews are a combination of sales, psychology and HR… and this book shows you how to master all three and start hiring the right people.

Use This Playbook to Hire the Team You’ve Always Wanted

In this invaluable hiring guide, we’ll show you a systematic interview process that naturally gets candidates to reveal who they really are and what they’ll bring to your organization. Mastering this will help you make better hiring decisions and build the team you’ve always wanted.


In How to Hire the Ones You Won’t Want to Fire, You’ll Learn:

Why Typical Interviews Lead to Bad Hires

  • Why your current way of interviewing doesn’t show you the real person
  • What authenticity has to do with interviewing (and how it gives you access to top 1% candidates)
  • My proven 4-step interview process that puts you in control

Debunking the “Resume Myth”

  • Why resumes don’t matter for frontline positions
  • Why HOW a candidate applies is more important than their application
  • How to rapidly review applications like an expert recruiter
  • The “7 work history patterns” to look out for when hiring

The Power of Pre-Screen Calls

  • What the pre-screen or phone screen call is really about
  • How to quickly make sure candidates are worth your time
  • How to use my “Push & Pull Method” to get the best candidates to choose you
  • Why the first 10 seconds of your call are make or break (and how to use them)

“My field-tested interview methods and principles will not only secure your preferred candidates, but will also leave them excited to work with you the moment the interview ends.”

Ryan Englin

Author & Founder of Core Matters

The Art of the In-Person Interview

  • Discover the two critical areas of your business you’re interviewing for (hint: it’s not just about technical skills)
  • How to masterfully use the interview process to guarantee a candidate can do the job.
  • Our incredibly accurate “Culture Fit Test” to make sure they are the right fit for your team
  • The questions and scenarios to simulate a day on the job to accurately assess candidate abilities

The “Introduction Test”

  • Why the “Intro Test” is the #1 way to make sure you are hiring the right person
  • How to strategically introduce candidates to get them to reveal their true colors
  • The highly effective way to use feedback from your team to make a final decision

The “Pullback Offer”™

  • The 6-step process for making the final decision on a candidate
  • Why the little-known “Pullback Offer” is the most essential and least used part of the interview
  • How to use this critical final stage to successfully onboard a candidate (or get out before it’s too late!)

Advanced Interview Techniques

  • How to remove subjectivity from the interview process to hire with clarity
  • My two trusted behavioral assessments that are your secret weapon to win the “talent war”
  • Using multiple interviewers and non-verbal signals to interview more effectively
  • The 3-step process for fast, effective reference checks that save endless back and forth phone calls

Plus, everything else you need you need to master the interview process so that you can be sure that you are hiring the right people.


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What Our Happy Clients Say

The process that Ryan had was exceptional – reducing turnover, hiring techniques, even what questions I should and should not ask, and when I should ask them within the interview process.

-Mike Ricker, Crash of Rhinos Painting

Mike ricker

“Core Matters has been instrumental in helping us find qualified people. It was a change in attitude, understanding how job seekers are thinking, and where to find them that made the difference.”

-Peggy Kuhn, Kuhn AC

Peggy Kuhn

“Getting qualified candidates is a challenge and so Core Matters was a big help in putting in a system where we could attract better candidates and then also manage that.”

-Randy Reed, Team Logic It

Randy Reed

Hi, I’m Ryan…

Founder and CEO of Core Matters and author of How to Hire the Ones You Won’t Want to Fire.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial blue collar family.

As an owner/operator my dad barely had a spare minute each day to spend with our family. Simply because he didn’t have the right people at work.

Over the past 10+ years I’ve helped hundreds of service businesses hire thousands of people. Now, I’ve written this book to share these very same interviewing techniques with you.

My book aims to help you nail the interview process every time so you can hire the top-tier candidates that every service business wishes they had.


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