Becoming a Strengths Based Leader

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Ep. 44: Becoming a Strengths Based Leader

What truly holds business leaders back? Darren Virassammy, Co-Founder of 34 Strong, joins me in this episode to talk about strategies that meet the unique needs of your workforce. Darren advocates for a strengths-based approach to human development, guiding leaders in understanding their employees and unleashing their best potential.

Discover the tools and assessments available to identify individual strengths, steering away from traditional weakness-focused thinking. Darren passionately shares insights, emphasizing the importance of embracing employees where they are, cognizant of their strengths.

You’ll hear how a strengths-based approach can create a thriving workplace culture. Darren shares insights into the art of posing thoughtful questions about what energizes and exhausts your team, how they best learn, and more.

Learn how to strike a delicate balance between structured systems and the dynamic reactions they elicit from your team. We’ll unravel the psychology of culture, discovering how consistency, genuine care, and a human-centric approach are key to employee engagement and retention.

Episode Highlights:

[01:19] Darren Virassammy of 34 Strong, helps leaders uncover employee strengths.

[04:18] The balancing act between company systems and understanding the hopes and dreams of real people.

[06:46] How strengths assessments often fail when they’re filed away and not used to understand employees.

[12:30] Struggling with sales until focusing on my natural strengths and talents that energize me.

[13:54] Darren introduces the simple but powerful question: “What energizes you at work?”

[15:55] People who love completing checklists don’t necessarily love creating them.

[17:44] Blank stares when asking what motivates employees, and how to overcome it.

[20:15] Leaders shouldn’t get frustrated if employees don’t respond quickly to questions.

[26:17] There’s no retention without first focusing on your people.

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