How to Attract, Hire, and Retain Rock Star Employees

Even in Today’s Crazy Labor Market Where it’s Never Been Harder to Hire

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PLEASE NOTE: This masterclass webinar is for business owners and leaders who are open to a new way of hiring the right people. If you’re not ready to recruit in a new way that’s been described as disruptive, this may not be right for you.

Over the Course of 60 Jam-Packed Minutes, I Will Give You Access to the Secret to Hiring Better People Faster

In this free hiring masterclass, I will show you how to accelerate your hiring results, so you attract great people who are productive and profitable from the day you hire them.

Here’s a small sample of what we’ll cover during this free masterclass…

  • Hiring Strategy #1 – The single best way to position your company to stand out in today’s ultra-competitive market and insulate yourself against unpredictable external labor conditions.
  • Hiring Strategy #2 – The simple action you can take today to fill your funnel with a flood of highly credentialed workers… and keep it that way so it’s ALWAYS full anytime you need to hire!
  • Hiring Strategy #3 – How to use my “done-for-you” 360 marketing plan to attract the people you want working for you and reduce the time it takes to hire by up to 320%.


  • Hiring Strategy #4 – An incredibly accurate screening method that empowers you to go from application to interview in less than
    24 hours while weeding out costly bad hires.
  • Hiring Strategy #5 – My proven framework you can use to create job ads that convert 600%+ better than other ads (as verified by ZipRecruiter).
  • Hiring Strategy #6 – The secret to unlocking the hidden passive job seeker market to attract the top 5% of employees who traditional recruiters and staffing agencies simply don’t have access to.

Plus, many more actionable hiring strategies you can start using today to consistently attract and hire the right people for your business.

100% free access. Places are limited.

The process that Ryan had was exceptional – reducing turnover, hiring techniques, even what questions I should and should not ask, and when I should ask them within the interview process.

-Mike Ricker, Crash of Rhinos Painting

Mike ricker

“Core Matters has been instrumental in helping us find qualified people. It was a change in attitude, understanding how job seekers are thinking, and where to find them that made the difference.”

-Peggy Kuhn, Kuhn AC

Peggy Kuhn

“Getting qualified candidates is a challenge and so Core Matters was a big help in putting in a system where we could attract better candidates and then also manage that.”

-Randy Reed, Team Logic It

Randy Reed

Meet Your Masterclass Host…

Hi, I’m Ryan…

Founder and CEO of Core Matters.

I grew up in an entrepreneurial blue collar family.

As an owner/operator my dad barely had a spare minute each day to spend with our family. Simply because he didn’t have the right people at work.

I started my business to make a difference in the lives of entrepreneurs by making it possible for them to attract the people they need to live the lifestyle they want.

After years I know that hiring the right people for your business is the most important factor if you want to free up your time and grow your business.

In my free masterclass, I will give you no nonsense hiring strategies to start attracting, hiring, and retaining the right people so you can do just that.

So, what do you say… Ready to spend 60 minutes to change the way you hire forever?



I promise by the end of this masterclass, you will understand this new way of hiring…

… so you’ll never again be held back by a lack of quality people and can spend time growing your business.

100% free access. Places are limited.