Winning Through Continuous Improvement

Winning Through Continuous Improvement

Ep. 52: Winning Through Continuous Improvement


In this conversation, Keith Ingels discusses the importance of continuous improvement in business and dispels the myth that it requires massive leaps. He emphasizes the value of taking small, manageable steps every day and setting realistic goals.

Keith also highlights the importance of visualizing processes, involving fresh eyes, and empowering employees to identify and solve problems. He discusses the impact of continuous improvement on onboarding and employee morale, as well as the role of Raymond in providing logistics solutions. The conversation emphasizes the need for a mindset shift and a focus on customer needs.


  • Continuous improvement is about taking small, manageable steps every day.
  • Visualizing processes and involving fresh eyes can help identify and solve problems.
  • Setting realistic goals and focusing on the process rather than the end result is key to continuous improvement.
  • Empowering employees and building morale through continuous improvement can reduce absenteeism and turnover. 


02:09 Continuous Improvement in Small Steps

03:09 Setting Realistic Goals

05:06 The Value of Fresh Eyes

11:14 Understanding Value Add

14:08 Continuous Improvement in Recruiting and Onboarding

16:15 The Importance of Understanding the Why

18:29 Empowering Employees and Building Morale

19:38 Taking Ownership of Morale and Absenteeism

22:19 Making Work Easier and Improving Morale

23:11 The Role of Raymond in Logistics Solutions

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