Solve Your Retention Problems With One Thing

episode 46

Ep. 46: Solve Your Retention Problems With One Thing

In this episode, we welcome back the CEO of the largest plumbing company in California, John Akhoian to dive into the pervasive myth of a talent shortage. John tells us that there is actually an abundance of capable individuals seeking dynamic companies.

He argues that suitable candidates are plentiful but require intentional recruitment. With his business, Rooter Hero, he explains that their innovative solution involves a dedicated onboarding manager, ensuring consistent training and personalized support, not to mention a new buddy they can count on to steer them in the right direction.

John tells how he standardized the onboarding processes, offering insights into Rooter Hero’s success in creating a friendlier, more supportive workplace. With this deep dive into retention strategies, John provides proof that with the right recruitment, training, and ongoing support you can transform employees into long-term assets.

If you want to take a closer look at these strategies, John recommends checking out Rooter Hero’s resources, accessible via their website, offering information rich in practical insights and tips for business success.

Episode Highlights:

[01:43] The biggest myth about the talent pool.

[02:55] Retention starts with company culture, not talent shortage.

[05:17] Constant contact and buddies help new hires in the first 90 days.

[07:29] Spending time properly guiding new employees is crucial.

[08:18] John’s buddy program helps train and befriend new employees.

[09:00] Gallup says work friends boost engagement.

[10:27] Entry-level roles and training help inexperienced hires succeed.

[12:44] Tips for smaller companies to champion onboarding with their team.

[14:43] John’s books provide quick tips and lessons from growing his company.

[17:08] Focus on culture and lean on your team for training and retention.

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