Employer Brand Trumps the Job Boards

Episode 51

Ep. 51: Employer Brand Trumps the Job Boards


In this conversation, Ryan Englin and Jeff Davis discuss the myths and misconceptions surrounding field service jobs. They highlight the value and opportunities available in these roles and emphasize the importance of employer branding and employee referrals in attracting quality candidates. Additionally, Jeff touches on the role of technology in facilitating the hiring process.


  • Field service jobs are often undersold and undervalued, but they offer freedom, flexibility, and unique opportunities.
  • The trades and field service jobs can be a viable and rewarding career path, especially for those who prefer hands-on work and want to avoid extensive debt from college education.
  • Employer branding and social media can be powerful tools in attracting passive job seekers and showcasing the benefits of working for a company.
  • Employee referrals are a valuable source of quality candidates. 


01:36 The Appeal of Field Service Jobs

02:21 Opportunities in Field Services

03:27 The Myth of Field Service Jobs

05:22 Making the Trades Cool Again

06:21 The Shift in Job Preferences

08:08 The Limitations of Job Boards

09:03 Tapping into the Passive Job Seeker Market

09:50 Employer Branding and Social Media

11:14 The Power of Employee Referrals

12:07 Telling Your Company’s Story

14:12 Programmatic Ad Buying

16:24 Coaching Employees to Refer Candidates

Connect With Jeff:

Website: https://www.workwave.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffdavisexec/

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