Lead From the Inside Out

Lead From the Inside Out With Erin Thorp

Ep. 47: Lead From the Inside Out

Your host, Ryan Englin, talks with the Founder of ELF Solutions, Erin Thorp. Erin’s journey is nothing short of inspiring. Starting as an army officer, she transitioned into the commercial world, where she became part of a legendary banking culture at Texas Commerce, which later became Chase Bank of Texas. Her experiences there, particularly the bank’s 64 consecutive quarters of earnings growth, shaped her understanding of leadership and business success.

After taking early retirement at 45, Erin embraced entrepreneurship and consulting, helping business leaders and owners reach new levels of success. Her passion for leadership development has been a constant throughout her career, and she considers herself a lifelong learner on the subject.

Erin draws a clear distinction between being a manager and being a leader. She argues that while you can run a business by managing processes, embracing leadership is what builds a culture and continuity within a company. She points out that businesses with long-term employees are often the ones that have cultivated a strong, positive culture.

Erin emphasized the importance of understanding and managing risk in business. She believes that while every business involves some level of risk, the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur is the ability to make educated judgments about how much risk to take and then move forward with confidence.

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