The Year in Review

Titans episode 35
Ep. 35 :
The Year in Review

Welcome to a special episode! In today’s show, host Ryan Englin takes us on a journey through the highlights and significant developments of 2023. From doubling in team size and serving clients globally to launching a game-changing book and relocating across the country, it’s been a year of growth, challenges, and invaluable lessons.

Ryan shares his personal and professional milestones, the motivation behind writing his book, the impact of bringing more content and education to his audience, and the exciting plans for the year ahead.

Join us as we dive deep into the year in review, reflecting on the achievements, the struggles, and the transformative experiences that have shaped the journey and set the stage for an even more impactful 2024.

Episode Highlights:

00:00 Exciting year of growth, challenges, and opportunities.

05:49 Wrote book to challenge the entrepreneurial mindset.

12:39 Training and support.

14:42 Focus on people, experts, and business transformation.

17:28 Push through struggles, achieve success, thank supporters.

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About the Host

Ryan Englin is passionate about supporting blue collar companies to build amazingly productive companies by hiring the right people. Growing up, he saw his own father working 12-hour shifts and weekends as an owner/operator, witnessing firsthand the struggles that these companies have in hiring quality frontline employees.

His company, Core Matters, provides coaching and training on attracting, hiring, and retaining rock star employees. Using his proven process, the Core Fit Hiring System, small and midsize businesses learn how to start hiring better people, faster.

- Ryan Englin | CEO

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