Get Ready to Hire Better People Faster

Ep. 22: Get Ready to Hire Better People Faster

Growing up in a blue-collar family, I witnessed firsthand the challenges my father faced in building a successful team. This experience inspired me to help business owners overcome their hiring struggles and create the business of their dreams. In this book, “Hire Better People Faster,” we break down the proven processes and tools that we have developed over the past decade to help you find and attract the best people for your team.

Hiring has always been a challenging task, especially in a changing landscape where employees have more options and different priorities. That’s why it’s crucial to not only find the right people but also create an attractive company culture and work environment. We’ll discuss strategies to attract great talent, automate the hiring process, and master the art of interviewing for authenticity.

Join me as I share my story and dive deep into the principles outlined in my book. Whether you’re a business owner, entrepreneur, or someone interested in talent acquisition, this episode is filled with valuable insights and practical tips to help you tackle your hiring challenges head-on.

Timeline Summary:

[00:00:09] Retention problems indicate need for better hiring

[00:04:21] People are more than just employees – 7 words

[00:06:44] Automate to save time, focus on people

[00:11:05] People leave bad bosses and toxic leaders

[00:13:44] Challenges, feedback, teamwork, and gratitude for support

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