You Need a Better Story

TTB 034 Zac Garside

Ep. 34: You Need a Better Story

Unlock the art of storytelling and let your narratives become the driving force behind your business success! In this episode, we’re joined by the incredible Zac Garside, diving into the captivating world of storytelling. Zac brings a fresh perspective on leveraging stories, especially in the entrepreneurial landscape.

You’ll hear about Zac’s journey, from coaching customer service teams to becoming a storytelling maestro, which he unfolds with fresh insights on making stories accessible to all. Discover a simple yet effective five-question framework to unveil compelling stories, ensuring that every entrepreneur can harness the potency of their unique narrative.

Zac talks to us about the practical applications of storytelling—overcoming objections in sales, recruiting top talent, and enhancing employee training. Explore the Four Core Stories – Origin, Vision, Self-Belief, and Surroundings – as  tools to propel your business forward. You’ll discover the versatility of stories in sales conversations, a genuine approach in recruitment, and an engaging method in employee training.

Episode Highlights:

[00:23] Introducing today’s returning guest who is pivoting to help entrepreneurs improve their storytelling skills.

[01:23] How attending a conference years ago opened today’s guest’s eyes to the power of origin stories.

[05:07] A common objection – entrepreneurs don’t think they have an interesting story to tell.

[06:52] Using movie examples to explain the art of “zooming in” on pivotal moments instead of broad timelines.

[09:23] A simple framework to draw out stories that can then be used in sales conversations.

[11:39] Where to start testing stories for low-risk impact before embedding them everywhere.

[14:27] The four core stories that motivate people to take action.

[15:41] Three ways to put your stories into action – sales objections, recruiting, and training.

[18:31] How stories build connection and trust by making people feel like they’re not alone.

[19:17] Where to access free storytelling resources.  

Connect with Zac Garside for a wealth of resources, including a step-by-step guide to crafting your business’ four core stories:

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