Work Supports Life, Not the Other Way Around

Dr Sabrina Starling - Work Supports Life, Not the Other Way Around

Ep. 37: Work Supports Life, Not the Other Way Around

Dr. Sabrina Starling joins us on this episode, where we address the alarming rate of burnout among entrepreneurs. Discover game changing insights from Dr. Starling as she shares the best strategies to combat burnout backed by compelling research.

Learn what sets successful entrepreneurs apart from those burning out and explore the critical importance of intentions in enhancing productivity and well-being. Uncover the vital link between leadership development and business growth. Dr. Starling lets us in on the best ways for new budding entrepreneurs to create a compelling vision for their businesses and foster employee engagement.

You know that word, VACATION? It can not only help you to take a break from the day-to-day business, but it can also benefit your team even more. We’ll explore how detaching from your business enables your team’s growth and boosts confidence. Dr. Starling shares invaluable tips on tracking work value, delegating effectively, and prioritizing tasks aligned with your core strengths.

The intricacies of maintaining work-life balance and separating self-worth from revenue is a hard concept for many owners. Learn why nurturing a business that operates independently of your daily involvement is key to long-term growth.

So, if you’re an entrepreneur seeking sustainable success, eager to avoid burnout, and wanting to lead a business that thrives beyond your direct involvement listen to what Dr. Starling has to say.

Episode Highlights:

[01:22] A groundbreaking perspective on work-life balance is introduced by Dr. Starling.

[03:11] Reflecting on my personal journey and relevance to focusing on what matters in business.

[03:55] The intersection of personal growth and business success is explored by Dr. Starling.

[06:05] The dual challenge of growing a team and mastering leadership.

[07:37] Dr. Starling shares her journey to writing her most significant book.

[10:24] A study linking entrepreneurs’ income to their self-worth.

[11:19] Dr. Starling highlights the creative benefits of taking time away from work.

[13:55] Addressing common hiring myths, Dr. Starling shares insights from her experience.

[18:39] The conversation turns to the benefits of letting go of control in business.

[20:33] Dr. Starling offers key tips for entrepreneurs to delegate effectively.

[23:45] The importance of vision in guiding teams and achieving results is revisited.

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