What Tool Are You Building?

Ruth King

Ep. 30: What Tool Are You Building?

Have you ever wondered if having a passion and knack for using tools automatically makes you a top-notch business owner? We’re taking a realistic look at the world of entrepreneurship, where having the right tools is just the beginning. If the 9-to-5 grind has got you daydreaming about being your own boss, then grab your headphones, because we’re about to unpack some game-changing insights with The Profitability Master, Ruth King!

Picture this: You, at the helm of your very own business adventure. But hold on – what’s your “why?” What’s the driving force behind your entrepreneurial fire? Whether you’re all about that financial freedom or aiming to carve your unique path, we’ve got the scoop on how your business can be the ultimate tool to reshape your life and family’s future.

Ever wondered what it takes to assemble a dream team and set them up for success? Hint: it involves a dash of letting go and learning from the occasional fumble.

Timeline Summary:

[02:01] Shattering the myth: technicians vs. business owners.

[02:54] Transform your business into a tool to achieve your bigger goals.

[06:21] Let your employees fail – it’s how they learn.

[07:53] One simple trick to understand where your money comes from.

[09:32] How do you know it’s time to hire managers?

[11:06] “No one wants to work” – maybe they just don’t want to work for you.

[14:26] Let your sales team make more than you – here’s why.

[16:11] Customer experience vs. internal culture – which matters more?

[17:14] Achieved your goal? Now for the hardest part – letting go.

[18:25] Build to sell, even if you want to buy it back.

[22:35] Match your business tools to your personal goals.

[23:57] Grab Ruth’s free financial evaluation guide.

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Website: https://ruthkinghvac.com/

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