Training New Techs Doesn’t Have to Be Hard

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Ep. 43: Training New Techs Doesn't Have to be Hard

Dustin Stelzer joins me in this episode to address the pressing need to transform how we train the next generation of technicians. Faced with a growing labor shortage, he discusses strategies to make trades more appealing to future generations. From dispelling stereotypes to showcasing the financial rewards, Dustin emphasizes the multifaceted approach required to inspire a new wave of talent.

We also discuss the need to break the gender barriers as we explore the increasing role of women in the male-dominated trades. Dustin relays his experiences with Electrician U in creating content to inspire Influencers to reach as many different types of people that could have ever thought of becoming a technician.

At the heart of his mission is Electrician U, a platform developing comprehensive training programs. From novice technicians to journeyman electricians and future entrepreneurs, he envisions a transformative journey. Collaborating with reputable companies, Dustin ensures hands-on training aligns with the evolving needs of the industry.

Episode Highlights:

[02:38] You’ll never succeed until you fail this many times.

[04:05] Transform your mind by changing these two things.

[06:26] Before mentoring others, you need this under your belt.

[07:57] The famous lightbulb quote reminds us of this lesson.

[09:10] Remember when we had to do this to learn new things? Kids today don’t understand.

[11:02] Making trades cool again starts with this.

[11:55] Is this the future of trades education? Some states are already doing it.

[13:46] Fixing parental perceptions could solve a lot of problems.

[15:53] My goal was not this, but I realized tradespeople needed this.

[18:51] Teaching this could get more people into trades roles faster.

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