The Labor Shortage Isn’t Real

The Labor Shortage Isn't Real with Ruchir Shah

Ep. 38: The Labor Shortage Isn't Real

We’re taking a deep dive into a game-changing resource with Ruchir Shah, Founder & CEO of Skillcat. This mobile app offers 150 simulated courses to unlock skills and empower workers. This isn’t just training; it’s a transformative experience designed to propel your team and business forward.

Ruchir reveals how real-time guidance via the app empowers individuals to troubleshoot issues independently, eliminating the need to constantly seek advice from managers or trainers. You’ll hear how this app revolutionizes skill development, providing comprehensive training for techs to gain independence in their trades. From basic tasks to achieving EPA certification, the app creates a seamless journey.

This episode also tackles the pervasive “labor shortage” issue, offering unconventional insights into the hurdles hindering us from securing the workforce we need. Ruchir extends a compelling offer—a free introduction to this invaluable resource. Don’t miss this opportunity to transform your team, attract industry enthusiasts, and rethink the way you approach skill development in the trades.

Episode Highlights:

[01:07] Intro to virtual EPA certification Skillcat app founder and creator Ruchir Shah.

[01:54] Busting the number one myth in skilltrades.

[02:28] What if there’s no real shortage of tradespeople? Ruchir explains the real problem.

[05:08] Why women and non-English speakers face unfair barriers in the trades – and the solution.

[09:49] Simple but rarely used tactics to attract a more diverse trades workforce.

[14:33] How companies are finally using tech to solve the industry’s common problems.

[18:00] This mobile app trains anyone from any background for the trades. I had to see it to believe it.

[20:43] Trades training doesn’t have to be boring – Ruchir made it fun and competitive like a game.

[22:16] Don’t miss this chance to let Ruchir’s platform certify your techs for free for a month.

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