The Importance of Defining Culture

Josh Cunningham

Ep. 29: The Importance of Defining Culture

What is it about the younger generations’ work ethic? What are the looking for in a career? Are they really just lazy?

Joining us is Josh Cunningham, Founder & CEO of rokrbox. He is a visionary in the world of HR and talent acquisition and helps us break through the misconceptions and stereotypes about this new generation of workers. Today he’s sharing the importance of defining culture.

Do they really not want to work? Or are they just misunderstood? Josh shares his firsthand experiences, including an eye-opening venture into college campuses to find employees willing to tackle the jobs others might shy away from.

Josh emphasizes that your organization’s culture is the bedrock of its success. Can you clearly articulate your core beliefs and values as a business owner to attract top talent? Josh sheds light on the laws of attraction, emphasizing the importance of intentions and beliefs in shaping your team’s culture and, ultimately, your organization’s success.

Discover Josh’s unique approach to onboarding new employees, including rigorous training and clear communication of business goals and expectations. He’s not afraid to invest time and resources into employees, even if they may eventually move on. It’s all about shifting mindsets and showcasing the opportunities your organization can provide.

Stay tuned for Josh’s number one recruiting tool for attracting college-age employees and young talent. If you’re looking to build a thriving team, you won’t want to miss this insightful episode.

Timeline Summary:

[01:11] Why I think Josh has a unique outlook on hiring younger generations.

[02:20] Josh argues against stereotyping any group of people.

[03:33] As business owners, we have control over our work environment.

[07:08] Our culture stems from our beliefs and attention.

[11:50] Josh explains his critical interview observation step.

[19:18] Despite turnover, we still heavily invest in training.

[20:34] We use positive language like “moving forward.”

[23:40] Our evolving, improving culture stems from beliefs, language, mindsets.

[26:35] Don’t underestimate employee referrals for quality hires.

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