Grow Your Business By Making Better Team Building Decisions

Ep. 2: Making Better Team Building Decisions to Help Grow Your Business

In this episode, I had an insightful conversation with Spencer Horn. As a leadership and team performance coach, the President of Altium Leadership, and co-author of the “Speakers on Life” anthology “The Power of the Platform”, Spencer is an authority on developing productive and focused corporate cultures.

Together, we discussed challenges companies face in building teams with a good culture fit, the importance of learning from people’s differences, and the benefits of healthy conflict. Learn how the ProScan assessment can help grow your business by assisting leadership in discovering their own blindspots, to fix them.


  • [03:10] Spencer calls out problematic behavior in the hiring process. Case study: medical company.
  • [11:30] Finding the right culture fit. Case study: Southwest Airlines.
  • [20:37] Spencer and Ryan discuss the benefits of ProScan.
  • [22:43] Case study: Spencer uses ProScan on the board of the National Speakers Association.
  • [24:38] Spencer shares about the 6 effective leadership styles.
  • [26:22] Strengths and weaknesses. Case study: Scott Hamilton, Olympic medalist men’s figure skating.
  • [28:00] Ryan reiterates Spencer’s profound point.
  • [30:22] Favorite part about ProScan.
  • [32:44] Spencer’s giveaway opportunity.

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