Stop Working Hard on Your Business

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Ep. 42: Stop Working Hard on Your Business

This is the passionate conversation I had with Bryan Clayton, where we unraveled the myths that shackle entrepreneurs in their pursuit of business growth and success. He highlights a key distinction between hard work and difficult work, emphasizing that it’s not just about the hustle and the grinding but about strategic thinking and problem-solving.

Bryan debunks the myth that hard work alone leads to success. He talks about his experience, having built and exited a landscaping company, then venturing into the tech realm with GreenPal where he’s meeting new challenges. Bryan says it’s all about balancing customer demands with employee preference and that understanding and aligning these two sides of the marketplace is the ongoing challenge.

We discuss game-changing problem-solving strategies, emphasizing the importance of asking “why” five times to uncover root issues and crafting solutions that address fundamental challenges.

This conversation is an eye-opener for anyone aiming to navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. Bryan’s journey offers a roadmap on how to pivot, grow, and succeed in diverse business landscapes. You’re about to hear a treasure trove of entrepreneurial wisdom, where Bryan shares stories, challenges, and solutions that transcend industries.

Episode Highlights:

[01:28] Distinguishing between working IN and ON the business.

[05:02] Hard truth – effort doesn’t guarantee success. It’s the difficult work that counts.

[05:24] Working hard yet going broke? Could be avoiding the difficult problems.

[06:46] So many fires are burning! Where to start with the difficult work?

[10:52] Can’t put out 500 fires at once. Take them one at a time – in a year, you’ll have a whole new business.

[14:15] When owners complain “no one wants to work” – it’s usually a retention issue, not hiring.

[17:25] Customers are furious and I’m filling in gaps. Ask “why” 5 times before solving.

[22:02] Building a landscaping biz then moving to a tech startup!

[25:49] Forget fancy marketing until we solve contractors’ lifestyle problems.

[26:34] Helping contractors live better – if we fail at that, we’ve got no product at all.

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