People Are Your Only Appreciating Asset

Talent Tackle Box Episode 31 - Your People Are Your Only Appreciating Asset

Ep. 31: People Are Your Only Appreciating Asset

No matter what services or products you provide for your customers, it’s really the employees that make up your company’s greatest assets. Our guest, Kevin Appleby, a financial expert from GrowCFO, stresses the importance of viewing employees as appreciating assets.

Kevin advocates for building relationships and recommends paying employees what they’re worth. You have to talk to each of your employees to understand their motivations. It boils down to recruiting individuals aligned with your values and culture.

Kevin addresses the prevalent throwaway culture, urging repair over replacement. He emphasizes regularly discussing employees’ aspirations and investing in their future, even if it extends beyond your organization. Managers, he notes, play a crucial role in reducing interference for optimal performance and he gives us the formula to make that happen.

He believes supporting employees in reaching their goals, whether within or outside the organization, can lead to a more engaged and successful team. To increase their value, he suggests motivating and preparing them for better roles. Understanding financials and involving them in decision-making processes will enhance their awareness and the overall quality of your team.

Episode Highlights:

[00:33] Kevin argues people are the only appreciating asset.

[02:18] Focus people on high-value analysis and decisions.

[05:00] Human connections are becoming more valuable.

[08:05] Pay people fairly and understand motivations.

[12:38] Even if outside the company, invest in their growth.

[15:34] Fix problems through training, don’t replace people.

[17:58] Help staff reach 5-year goals, even if they move on.

[20:00] Playing to strengths energizes people.

[21:45] Remove interference, don’t micromanage.

[23:10] Check in regularly, especially remotely to recreate office interactions and maintain team cohesion.

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