Learn From a Leader in the Steel Industry

Jack Nix

Ep. 27: Learn From a Leader in the Steel Industry

How did Shelby Erectors become such a leader in the steel industry that Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, actually sought them out to be featured on his show? Join us for this inspiring episode as we sit down with Jack Nix, the Chief Operations Officer of Shelby Erectors.

We learn about Jack’s journey in the construction industry as he shares insights into his company’s evolution while setting a high bar, with a little help from Core Matters. He tells us how Shelby Erectors overcame labor shortages and improved their hiring processes, transforming their recruitment and retention strategies.

Jack also discusses his commitment to giving back to the industry, his involvement in industry associations, and his passion project: advancing robotics in construction, specifically in rebar tying and placement.

Don’t miss this motivating conversation with a leader dedicated to shaping the construction industry and providing opportunities for the next generation of workers. Tune in and learn how Jack Nix and Shelby Erectors are making a significant impact in construction and beyond.

Timestamp Summary:

[01:40] Jack’s background in the industry and Shelby Erectors’ bridge work.

[02:47] The passion Jack’s team has for their concrete-covered work.

[03:35] Pride in building Florida’s incredible bridges.

[04:49] Implementing a new hiring system transformed recruiting.

[07:32] The system gave Jack his life back from working 70-80 hour weeks.

[09:00] With more time, Jack focused on passion projects.

[10:59] The apprenticeship program works with transitioning Veterans.

[12:27] Jack’s leadership role in a key industry association.

[13:54] The association provides training and recruitment help.

[14:47] Integrating robotics to address labor shortages.

[16:49] Robotics takes over back-breaking tasks.

[17:55] Featured on Dirty Jobs and highlighted the great culture.

[22:05] Developing a culture-focused website.

[24:05] Jack aims to continue giving back to the industry.

Connect with Jack Nix, Chief Operations Officer at Shelby Erectors, Inc.:

Website: https://shelbyerectors.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/shelbyerectors/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/shelby-erectors/

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