Keep Your Company’s Vision on Track With These Tools

Ep. 23: Keep Your Company's Vision on Track

If you’ve ever found yourself scratching your head when asked about your business’ future, here’s a chance to step into clarity. Kyle Hunt, Owner of Remodelers On The Rise, joins me to bring us the essential insights you’re looking for. We’re not talking about those vague visions you discuss at leadership seminars and then forget when you get back to the office.

Goals and vision aren’t just buzzwords. They’re your roadmap to business success. Kyle shares the challenges and ambiguities entrepreneurs face when envisioning the future. From getting down your business’ purpose to mapping out the dream team you’re assembling, we’re sharing the secret sauce to crafting a business that isn’t just lucrative, but also aligns seamlessly with your life goals.

Vision casting isn’t just for dreamers; it’s for smart business owners ready to sculpt their destinies so they can keep energized and excited about how far their team can go. Remember that saying: If you fail to plan, you plan to fail? Well, this episode takes planning to the next level!

Timeline Summary:

[01:38] Defining your long-term business vision.

[03:52] Too busy to think about the big picture about vision?

[04:56] Vision attracts A-players.

[06:24] Step-by-step vision planning worksheet.

[08:26] Personal lifestyle before company vision?

[09:58] Look back before looking forward.

[11:55] Future role, team, culture, workload, exit plan.

[14:55] Revisit vision to stay excited.

[20:59] Build the business to match the vision.

[22:16] Lucrative lifestyle now or big future payday?

[24:00] Vision keeps you focused despite industry changes.

[24:49] Free resources to build your vision.

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