Grow Your Own Talent Through 3D Simulation Training Online

Ep. 3: Grow Your Own Talent Through 3D Simulation Training Online

On this episode, I discuss with Ken the importance of hiring based on behaviors and potential rather than just experience, and how to grow your own talent by implementing training programs can play a vital role in better recruitment.

Ken, a veteran of the trade industry, shares insights on how his software can train entry-level technicians and take them to higher positions, while also assessing their knowledge and skills through video-based learning and virtual reality training.

We also explore how to utilize gamification to grow your own talent, which makes learning fun and competitive, and how VR can be used as a recruiting tool to showcase new technology to potential employees.

Finally, we look at the impact of robotics on various industries and how it’s changing the skill set required for jobs.


  • [00:01:50] Plumbing is a stable and profitable career, with job security and room for entrepreneurship, as robots are unlikely to replace plumbers for many years.
  • [00:03:51] Hiring skilled workers quickly and easily is difficult and expensive. It’s better to grow your own talent by training and developing entry-level workers with the right attitude and potential for growth. Show them the path for career growth, provide support, and encourage them to stay on the path. This approach will guarantee better results than hiring someone with skill and baggage.
  • [00:08:43] A company offers a software to train technicians with an iPad, laptop, or Surface Pro. The program includes a video-based and virtual reality program. The company also offers different programs to incentivize employees to learn and grow in their careers. The software includes an assessment mode that removes niceties and requires knowledge of the given task.
  • [00:13:14] We offer a variety of services, including plumbing, HVAC, and education programs, to help businesses reduce expenses and advance their workforce.
  • [00:14:58] Training apprentices in advance for specific tasks leads to increased efficiency and safety on the job site.
  • [00:17:40] Training is crucial for recruitment success and should be held accountable. Gamification can create a competitive edge among employees, building a desire to learn and quickly identifying bad hires.
  • [00:20:52] Use rapid-fire questions to assess a candidate’s knowledge and troubleshoot problems in order to build a competent team.
  • [00:24:28] Using Interplay Learning to create a special business card with a QR code and an animated webpage showing the path and benefits for potential customers.
  • [00:27:36] Hire women, they are valuable assets to companies and can break down resistance in the service industry.
  • [00:29:56] Ways to contact for a free demo at, customized for individual needs.

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