Drive Your Home Services Company to the Top

Michael Moorhouse

Ep. 26: Drive Your Home Services Company to the Top

Discover the truth about entrepreneurship and business with Michael Moorhouse, President of Mosquito Shield Franchise Corporation, a seasoned expert in the franchising space. Michael reveals the biggest myth that often misguides entrepreneurs with a home services company: thinking once they’ve invested, the business will magically thrive without their active involvement.

Michael highlights the importance of active engagement in your business, even in the franchising world where “semi-absentee” ownership is a term that’s thrown around frequently.

Michael also emphasizes the significance of measurement and tracking key performance indicators (KPIs). Whether you’re in franchising or any other business, monitoring the right metrics is crucial to identify areas for improvement.

We also discuss the challenges of recruiting and retaining talent in the seasonal home services industry. He shares strategies like offering “stay-on” bonuses to incentivize employees to stick around, creating a culture of recognition and empowerment, and providing resources for franchisees to navigate the HR aspects of their business.

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a business owner seeking valuable insights into franchising and sustainable business practices, this conversation with Michael is a must-listen. Gain a deeper understanding of what it takes to succeed and thrive in the world of business.

Timestamp Summary:

[01:47] No business runs on autopilot – the self-driving car myth.

[02:50] Balancing franchisee autonomy with proven systems and support.

[04:35] Leveraging franchise playbooks to bridge experience gaps.

[06:13] When franchisees go rogue instead of using proven playbooks.

[08:53] Critical support for new franchisees in the first 3 years.

[10:02] The seasonal model’s blessing and curse for revenue.

[12:25] Custom coaching for each new franchisee’s success.

[13:17] Creative tactics to recruit and retain technicians.

[15:22] Caring for the workforce in extreme weather builds loyalty.

[16:19] “Stay on” bonuses incentivize staff better than quick cash.

[19:05] Investing time to nurture top performing employees.

[20:17] Supporting first-time business owners with HR challenges.

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