Consistency + Vulnerability = Success

TTB Episode 39 with Tersh Blissett

Ep. 39: Consistency + Vulnerability = Success

I had a fascinating conversation with Tersh Blissett, Founder of Service Business Mastery, about how automation and AI are transforming the HVAC industry. As someone running a fully remote HVAC company, Tersh has implemented automation to improve communication and engagement with his team.

We discussed how AI chatbots provide instant support for junior technicians, freeing up senior techs to focus on sales and service. Tersh highlighted two platforms he uses: Blue On and Interplay Learning. These AI tools answer technician questions in real-time and even teach the reasoning behind each answer to accelerate learning.

Equally as interesting, Tersh shared how he leverages automation to check in on his technicians’ wellbeing multiple times per day. By automating consistent and caring check-ins, he has built a positive remote culture where team members truly support each other like friends. His story revealed that being vulnerable as a leader is key to building trust and psychological safety in a distributed workforce.

Whether you lead a remote team or have technicians out in the field, you’ll get a lot of value from hearing Tersh explain how he utilizes AI and automation to drive employee engagement, quality training, and ultimately better business outcomes.

Episode Highlights:

[02:17] Hear how Tersh tests automation across his companies to increase efficiency.

[04:24] Automation AI has been around awhile – learn what Tersh uses it for.

[05:03] Why automation will never replace this key part of Tersh’s business.

[06:48] Discover how AI chatbots help Tersh’s senior and junior technicians.

[09:37] Tersh shares 2 AI learning platforms he loves – and why.

[13:38] How a team leverages automation for internal recognition.

[15:14] The automated check-ins Tersh uses to monitor safety and wellness.

[18:07] I dig into Tersh’s rare company culture – you’ll be surprised.

[22:12] Tersh gives tips for implementing check-ins to build trust.

[25:47] Boiling down company culture to 2 key ingredients.

[28:10] Where to get more automation ideas and learn from Tersh.

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