Communicating When the Stakes Couldn’t Be Higher

Communicating When the Stakes Couldn't Be Higher

Ep. 36: Communicating When the Stakes Couldn't Be Higher

Having open and honest conversations with your team is crucial, but it’s easier said than done. We all struggle to communicate effectively even with loved ones. So how can we get better at it in business? That’s the focus of my conversation with Jackie Aubel, Senior Content Marketing Manager at ServiceTitan, in this episode. As the host of the Toolbox for the Trades podcast and armed with a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, Jackie brings incredible insight.

We bust myths around connecting personally versus remaining all-business. I share my stance on why you can’t just hire someone’s work skills without considering their whole self. Jackie urges leaders to understand everyone’s unique personal context and meet human needs. The stakes feel sky-high when tension builds with top talent. But Jackie offers perspective – are the stakes as high as you think? 

Episode Highlights:

[00:46] Introducing today’s guest who brings a unique background to understand team communication.

[01:42] Agreeing to bust the myth that professional communication shouldn’t get personal.

[02:44] You can’t hire someone’s work without their whole self. Connection matters.

[05:16] Model openness by sharing how to take constructive feedback.

[06:35] Today’s workforce won’t accept the old trades hazing rituals. Times have changed.

[08:53] Understand everyone’s unique personal context. Get curious!

[11:43] Humans have full lives, meet their needs beyond work.

[13:59] Like dating, whoever starts communication wants resolution.

[15:09] Jackie shares 4 communication tips. Take some notes!

[20:14] We struggle to communicate with loved ones when the stakes are highest – it’s the same at work.

[21:46] Are the stakes as high as you think

[26:34] Have basic human decency and curiosity about struggles employees face.

[28:58] Discuss missteps in meetings, not just wins. Normalize struggle.

[29:59] Many leaders just want to fix problems, shift to celebrate more.

[32:12] Employees hesitate to bother busy bosses, but we want to know issues early.

[33:54] If old limiting beliefs persist, actively confront them.

[36:14] Jackie brings academic insight to this topic – we don’t have to wing it!

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