Bottom Line… Invest in Your People

Invest in Your People

Ep. 40: Bottom Line… Invest in Your People

What strategies have you found effective in recruiting and retaining talent in the trades? If you’re struggling to answer that, then you’ll have to tune into this episode with Wayne Gibson from RIDDLEBERGER BROTHERS, INC (RBI). He shares his successful strategies in recruiting and retaining talent and the critical task of investing in your people.

We explore his proactive approach to engaging schools, parents, and students to get them interested in careers in the changing workforce landscape. He tells us why you might want to start a company apprenticeship program and how much you’ll want to invest in employee training.

You’ll learn why RBI spends half a million dollars annually on training and how they focus on the importance of fostering a positive workplace culture to retain and attract talent.

Episode Highlights:

[00:39] – Learn about Wayne Gibson’s game-changing approach in workforce tech and training.

[02:18] – A sneak peek into the vast landscape of RBI with Wayne.

[04:21] – A Lost Generation? Wayne and I tackle the intriguing shift in vocational training trends.

[06:41] – Find out how rethinking recruiting from a marketing standpoint can turn the tides in the trades.

[09:43] – Wayne sheds light on the power of patience and community involvement in shaping the next generation.

[11:23] – We delve into RBI’s unique approach to employee growth.

[14:09] – Wayne unveils their groundbreaking apprenticeship model.

[17:36] – Discover how individualized plans are changing the game in employee development.

[21:39] – Wayne reveals the secret to empowering employees in crafting their growth.

[23:45] – Why investing in people is the ultimate game-changer.

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