Better Technology Equals Better Retention

Ep. 24: Better Technology Equals Better Retention

Welcome back Aaron Salow, CEO of XOi Technologies, who joins me on the podcast to help us wrap our heads around the future of field services as we discuss the convergence of human expertise and cutting-edge technology. If you’ve ever wondered how AI and data collection can enhance the performance of technicians while simultaneously improving customer satisfaction, this episode is for you.

Aaron artfully bridges the gap between attracting and retaining top talent in an age dominated by tech-savvy workers. Learn how embracing technology, like XOi, not only makes a technician’s job more enjoyable but also empowers them to focus on their unique skills leading to better retention.

Timeline Summary:

[01:52] Debunking the biggest myth for the younger generation.

[04:12] Growing up on technology with instant gratification.

[06:32] Companies engaging with technology in the wrong way.

[09:04] How can companies set up their training program for success?

[11:55] XOi helps collect meaningful field data, and how companies can act on the insights.

[14:10] AI should provide customized guidance to each tech, not generic long responses.

[17:35] Attract and retain great employees.

[19:40] Technology should simplify work for technicians and communicate clearly with customers.

[21:21] Collect data aligned to business goals so the inputs have value.

[24:14] AI chatbots need good data and engagement plans, not just promises.

[24:39] What is XOi?

[26:30] Aaron blends technology and people well, unlike most companies.

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