Becoming a Construction Genius

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Ep. 32: Becoming a Construction Genius

Would you like to become a “Construction Genius?” Author, Eric Anderton joins me in this episode to tackle a common misconception that’s impacting construction companies today: the belief that they should accept every project opportunity.

Eric says it’s not the projects you decline that hurt your business, but the ones you accept that don’t align with your ideal client, project, and location. He’ll give us the key to success in order to help you identify your niche and aim for these components. Eric offers a practical tool to help you find your niche.

Even when you think things are challenging, Eric emphasizes focusing on your team, productivity, and expenses, particularly those tied to safety, quality, and profitability. His book, “Construction Genius,” provides practical and straightforward guidance for construction business leaders, covering leadership, strategy, sales, and marketing.

Episode Highlights:

[01:46] Why you don’t need to say yes to every opportunity.

[02:32] Getting crystal clear on your ideal niche.

[03:17] When the right client is non-negotiable.

[04:41] Using a tool to define your niche.

[05:49] Figuring out where your ideal clients hang out.

[07:48] The power of long-term relationships.

[09:31] Providing value before handing out business cards.

[10:11] First improve from within when times get tough.

[11:36] Training budgets should be non-negotiable.

[12:56] Seeking the right attitudes over technical skills.

[15:12] What you can expect from the Construction Genius book.

[16:33] Becoming an effective leader through 3 simple messages.

[17:37] You don’t need marketing expertise overnight.

[18:51] The tell-all subtitle.

Connect with Eric Anderton:

Book: Construction Genius: Effective, Hands-On, Practical, Simple, No-BS Leadership, Strategy, Sales, and Marketing Advice for Construction Companies


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