You Don’t Need Sales Rock Stars

Ep. 12: You Don't Need Sales Rockstars

If you’re scared to hire, manage, or build sales teams, this episode might be a game-changer for you!

Join Jim Padilla, Co-Founder & Business Growth Strategist from Gain the Edge, as he shatters the biggest myths about hiring salespeople and building sales teams. Discover the truth about sales rock stars. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need a sales superhero to achieve success. Jim reveals that a well-designed sales system is the key to unlocking your team’s potential.

Jim shares his anti-closer system, which focuses on the power of a great system over individual sales skills. Explore the importance of a clear and compelling offer and a well-crafted prospect journey that leads your ideal customer to understand the value of your solution.

Whether you’re in the home service, construction, or professional services industry, these strategies are applicable to all.

Jim is a Master Sales Trainer, an Expert Team Builder and a Launch Expert. With more than 20 years of experience, he and his team have led dozens of entrepreneurs to huge success in their launches, driving sales and surpassing goals and expectations!

Jim brings an exceptional level of experience and talent to the world of sales.


[1:16] What’s the biggest myth about hiring salespeople?
[3:05] The Anti Closer’s System.
[6:35] The difference between the sore neck vs. the bleeding neck.
[8:55] The key to a prospect journey is easy and clear.
[12:46] Why you need to make your offer clear and compelling.
[15:56] Make sure your team understands the core story and what’s at stake for your ideal buyer.
[18:24] When it comes to building a sales team or hiring salespeople, what advice do you have for us?
[21:26] From the moment they get on the call, we’re throwing objections at them.

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