Profit – You Can Control Yours

episode 4

Ep. 4: You Can Control Your Profits

In this riveting episode, Christeen and Steve from Green Profit Academy shatter the myth that business owners can’t control their gross profit margin.

They unravel their consulting wisdom to illuminate how business owners can not only take control of their income for enduring stability but also implement a revolutionary system known as ‘Profit First.’ This innovative approach prioritizes profits, enabling informed financial decisions across businesses of all sizes.

By systematically managing finances and strategically attracting and retaining top talent, they reveal how sustainable business growth is achievable. Don’t miss this chance to reframe your mindset and boost your business growth trajectory.


[2:13] You can’t control your gross margin, you can control your profit.

[6:01] The importance of having a profitable business.

[7:19] How much of it is mindset versus the actual activities that are done.

[12:16] Steve’s passion is helping businesses hire the right people.

[15:44] Focus on the things you’re not good at and get better at them.

[20:53] The most successful businesses are the ones where the owner has figured out how to focus on the things they love to do.

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