Disrupting Construction Technology Myths

Disrupting Construction Technology Myths

Ep. 55: Disrupting Construction Technology Myths


Bryce Wuori, the founder and CEO of Pavewise, discusses the impact of technology on the construction industry. He dispels the myth that construction will never change and highlights the importance of embracing new ways of doing things.

Bryce shares his personal journey in the industry and how it led to the creation of Pavewise. The conversation explores the communication challenges in construction and the need for technology champions. The benefits of integrating technology, such as saving time and reducing stress for managers, are discussed. The role of automation and its impact on the industry is also explored.

Bryce emphasizes the importance of attracting the younger generation to construction and changing the narrative around the industry. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the recession-proof nature of construction.


  • The construction industry needs to embrace new ways of doing things and dispel the myth that it will never change.
  • Integrating technology in construction can save time, reduce stress, and improve communication.
  • Automation is playing a significant role in the industry, allowing for more efficient processes and higher quality outcomes.
  • Attracting the younger generation to construction is crucial for the industry’s future success.
  • Construction is a recession-proof industry with ample opportunities for growth and success.


03:29 Communication Challenges in the Construction Industry

04:21 Integrating Technology and Attracting the Younger Generation

06:06 The Role of Automation in Construction

07:43 The Need for Technology Champions in the Industry

11:57 Automating Weather Tracking and Compliance

12:23 Saving Time and Reducing Stress for Managers

14:06 Productivity and Mental Health Benefits

19:27 The Recession-Proof Nature of the Construction Industry

Connect With Bryce:

Website: https://pavewisepro.com/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bryce-w-89818b237/

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