Train Your People To Replace You

Ep. 20: Train Your People To Replace You

Ryan Redding, CEO of Levergy, returns to the show to examine the benefits of training your employees to replace you. We started out talking about marketing and ROI, but our conversation opened up into how successful ROI comes from excelling in operations and having a well-defined process for running the business. So it’s not just all about marketing.

It’s no mystery how companies with poor employee treatment and low morale often struggle to deliver exceptional customer experiences. We also discuss the often-overlooked aspect of measuring customer experience and employee satisfaction.

Discover why some companies avoid employee feedback and the consequences of ignoring it.

We highlight the benefits of tools like Office Vibe in automating the process of gathering employee feedback and creating a more transparent and supportive work environment.

Learn how adopting processes like the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) can help business owners delegate responsibilities, trust their team, and make effective hiring decisions.

So if the challenge of management and leadership skills, especially for individuals with specialized expertise who may have limited knowledge of running a business, sounds familiar to you, you’ll find a ton of value in this episode!


[2:36] – ROI comes from operations, not just marketing

[5:25] – Hiring and acquiring customers have similarities

[10:46] – As the leader, be willing to look in the mirror

[13:00] – Measure metrics to uncover issues early

[15:15] – Anonymous feedback helps gauge employee satisfaction

[20:37] – Ryan fired himself to force the team to step up

[23:51] – EOS provides the framework for accountability and clarity

[25:33] – Trust your team and empower them to take ownership

[27:49] – Swallow your pride and don’t jump in to fix everything

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