Retention Is Easy With This One Tip

Ep. 8: Retention Is Easy With This One Tip

Buckle up because this one on retention is going to be a game-changer!

In this episode, I talk with Ron Nussbaum, a residential construction expert, to discuss the myth that technology is not suitable for the construction industry.

We’ll explore the challenges faced by construction companies when adopting technology.

Ron emphasizes the need for intuitive software that aligns with the industry’s needs and simplifies processes.

He has a fresh perspective that will make you rethink the potential of technology in construction.

And it’s an issue for any industry that needs to be able to rely on communication. So get ready for some practical solutions to help businesses thrive in the modern age. 


[2:06] What’s the mindset shift that you want to break apart?

[4:46] The construction industry is a goldmine for technology, but not everything is good.

[6:22] Why construction has been struggling to bring new people into the industry for a long time.

[10:32] The importance of the customer experience in the construction industry.

[12:14] The importance of creating a culture that makes your employees’ life easier.

[14:02] What are some of the biggest challenges contractors have when communicating with the customer? How does communication help solve that?

[17:07] What does it take to be a great communicator?

[20:38] Make sure you have a system that helps manage communication.

Ron is the host of Construction Champions Podcast and the Founder/CEO of Nuttnest.

Ron uses his knowledge and experiences to help others grow and change the overall mindset around construction. Pushing the industry into the 21st century and removing the old stigmas and limiting beliefs around construction.

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