Marketing Priorities in the Construction Industry

Ep. 5: Marketing Priorities in the Construction Industry

In this invigorating episode, I had the pleasure of speaking with Spencer Powell, President of Builder Funnel, a digital marketing agency specializing in the construction industry.

We dig deep into the significance of having a top-notch website and leveraging the right SEO strategies to bolster your business’s online presence.

From sharing best practices for getting your business to rank on Google to understanding the mindset of job searchers, this conversation was packed with insights that could be transformative for your company.

If you’re seeking to modernize your approach, attract top talent, and stand out in today’s competitive landscape, you won’t want to miss this episode!


[0:55] The importance of a quality website for your business.

[3:18] Best practices to help your business rank.

[7:21] Why 70% of job searchers don’t start on Google and how to use keyword research.

[10:09] How do you promote your SEO piece?

[13:50] Why you don’t have to feel like you’re the expert.

[18:09] What’s the likelihood that a bot will be able to write like a human?

[21:02] The importance of having a good website.

[24:51] The importance of having a cool website and a cool employer.

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