Attracting The Next Generation With A Better Story

Ep. 17: Attracting The Next Generation With A Better Story

Join the movement to reshape the perception of the trades and attract the next generation of skilled workers. Josh Zolin, CEO of Windy City Equipment Service, sits down to share insights from his book “Blue is the New White” and highlights the need for a new narrative around the trades.

We explore the biggest roadblocks in the industry and uncover the power of awareness and perception. Josh emphasizes the importance of sharing stories and experiences to inspire young individuals to pursue careers in the trades.

We discuss the significance of community involvement and how businesses can contribute to the local community to attract and retain talent.

Josh shares his experiences and offers advice on how to build relationships with schools and career counselors to support the next generation. We also touch on the concept of earning while learning and the long-term stability of trade careers in the face of technological advancements.


[02:08] – Josh talks about the struggles in hiring technicians in the trades and the need for a new approach.

[03:50] – We delve into the problem of awareness and perception about the trades industry, and how this impacts attracting new talent.

[06:30] – Josh presents his theory about why kids don’t dream of becoming service managers or operations specialists.

[09:05] – We discuss the power of storytelling and the importance of sharing our individual stories of fulfillment and success in the trades.

[14:13] – Josh elaborates on his advocacy for the skilled trades and the potential for success without a college education.

[16:41] – I share my experience of being a college graduate working in a field not related to my major.

[16:45] – Josh echoes my sentiment and shares a light moment on our common experience.

[16:48] – We explore the topic of college education and its necessity for certain professions.

[17:12] – Josh humorously discusses the limitations of learning everything from YouTube and emphasizes the need for formal education in some areas.

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