Get Uncomfortable and Achieve Your Goals

Ep. 7: Get Uncomfortable and Achieve Your Goals

In this transformative episode, you will learn how to achieve your goals by driving through the barriers that keep you from reaching your true potential with the expert in employee development and dream actualization, Dane Sanders.

This conversation provides actionable insights, challenging the common belief that dreaming is enough, instead emphasizing the necessity of stepping out of our comfort zones and putting in the effort.

We uncover tales of triumphant individuals who exemplify the power of perseverance and discuss how to rewire your mindset to view challenges as progress markers.

Dane introduces his innovative Credo model, a practical daily guide designed to unlock your potential and turn dreams into reality. Get ready to be inspired to take action toward your dreams!


[3:51] You can’t get around the work, it has to happen.
[6:51] If we want to flourish in life, we need to get clear on what we want.
[10:46] When you push against the difficulties, you get a superpower.
[14:21] How do you know when you’re in the “compression stage”?
[17:46] The power of embracing the difficult and embracing the new.
[20:08] The epidemic of comfort in our world.
[24:40] Do the things today that no one else will do.

Dane Sanders serves as the Vice-President of Employee Development and Performance at Common Thread Collective, thought by many to be the Harvard of Digital Agencies. CTC’s mission is to build the next generation of legendary brands and the people who will lead them.

Dane is also the Co-founder of Men & Women Of Discomfort (

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