Focusing More On The Journey

Ep. 19: Focusing More On The Journey

Focusing more on the journey, not the destination is key. While we may have big dreams and goals, it’s essential to embrace the journey so that we can all grow, learn, and experience the ups and downs that shape us into the individuals we become.

In this episode, I sit down with Jordan A. Simon, a successful entrepreneur and founder of a family-owned plumbing business to discuss the ways in which businesses can find fulfillment in the journey while heading towards their goals.

Jordan shares his journey from growing up in the trades to starting his own consulting company that helps entrepreneurs achieve their goals. He explains the number one thing that holds most entrepreneurs back when it comes to growing or scaling their business: mindset.

According to Jordan, in today’s society, there’s often pressure to achieve immediate success and significant financial gains. However, he believes that the key to true success lies in embracing the journey, being present in the process, and enjoying every step.

He emphasizes the importance of focusing on long-term goals and staying committed to the mission.

Jordan emphasizes the importance of effective communication and empowerment within a business. He shares practical tips on training and developing employees, encouraging them to take ownership and make decisions in line with the company’s mission.


[1:51] – Mindset is key – focus on the journey over the destination

[4:01] – It’s okay to have bad days – keep a long-term perspective

[5:16] – Outsource non-enjoyable tasks to focus on your strengths

[8:33] – Create processes to set your team up for success

[11:25] – Communication and mission alignment empower your people

[15:31] – Help people move on if your organization isn’t the right fit

[23:25] – Trades are viable, profitable careers – change perceptions

[25:47] – Understand your “why” and the journey will be fulfilling


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