Core Matters: Petticoat-Schmitt Client Case Study

Ep. 21: Core Matters: Petticoat-Schmitt Client Case Study

How does Core Matters help people in the construction industry? Let’s ask one of my clients, Ryan Schmitt, CEO of Petticoat-Schmitt, a heavy civil contractor that’s working to reshape the construction industry with a visionary approach.

Ryan shares the incredible journey of Petticoat-Schmitt. They’re not just building roads, bridges, and infrastructure; they’re building an exceptional workplace culture where every team member thrives and grows. From field workers to executives, everyone’s voice matters, and everyone’s contribution counts.

The culture at Petticoat-Schmitt is all about transparency, personal growth, and celebrating success together. You’ll learn how they’re investing in their employees’ development, creating a culture of safety, and fostering a spirit of teamwork that extends from the job site to the CEO’s office.

You’ll hear about how Petticoat-Schmitt is building the future of construction, where human expertise and technology converge to build something truly unique in the industry. If you’re passionate about reshaping the future of work and want to see what’s possible when people come first, this episode is a must-listen.

Timeline Summary:

[01:21] Overview of Petticoat-Schmitt – heavy civil construction firm in Florida

[02:58] Company vision is to build a unique, people-first company with a great culture

[03:40] Develop people through training, profit-sharing, and transparency

[04:23] Transparency gives people control over their futures

[07:10] Provide roadmaps and tools so people can grow careers

[08:31] Personal finance training shows we care about the whole person

[09:54] Committing to sharing in the company’s rewards with incentives

[13:20] Constant communication at all levels

[14:37] Make people feel valued with feedback

[17:13] Real teamwork and interest in people’s lives, not just words

[18:29] Seeking honest feedback regularly

[21:40] 2030 Vision includes growing training and plugging in AI

Connect with Ryan Schmitt – CEO:

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