Close More Sales With ICE

Ep. 9: Close More Sales With ICE & Value Stacking

In today’s episode, I discuss the power of understanding customers’ needs and desires with Chris Fresh, founder and CEO at The Plumbing Sales Coach.

Chris shares his unique ICE model: Identify, Connect, and Engage, which encourages a customer-centric mindset over a product-focused one. He introduces the concept of value stacking, presenting customers with three options ranging from good to better to best, emphasizing that the reason a customer chooses you is often more critical than the product itself.

A seasoned business professional with a track record of success in sales and coaching, Chris simplifies the sales process and underscores the importance of empathy and psychology in effective selling. Regardless of your industry, this episode offers valuable strategies to enhance your sales approach and build stronger relationships with your customers.


[2:00] Deals can be created without discounts.

[4:42] How do we make this shift in our business?

[7:11] The three elements of a value stack.

[9:40] How to establish a relationship with your employees and customers.

[14:48] How are we still connecting with the individual? Not disconnecting from it.

[17:48] Value proposition, features vs benefits.

[19:47] It won’t be more money if you have to live out the bad event.

[21:41] The importance of relationship diagnosing and value proposition.

[24:23] Plumbers don’t necessarily have value.

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