Making The Job Boards Work For You

Did you know getting higher-quality applicants for job postings is as simple as keeping your job boards listing up to date? There’s no rocket science here, just a few tricks of the trade. If you’ve been struggling to get your job posting noticed, this hiring quick tip is for you.

Job Boards Are Search Engines

No matter how promising job boards look, you have to keep in mind that it’s nothing more than a specialized search engine.

The only way for your job to show up on the first page is if it thinks it’s relevant to the job seeker or if you’re paying for a placement. And news flash, applicants aren’t going to scroll to page 10 to find your job, so it has to be relevant.

Stay Relevant

Luckily, all it takes is good maintenance to keep your job posting relevant. Every week or two, remove the job from the job board, tweak the description and title, and republish the job.

The job board will now assume it’s a new job and will rank it higher so more job seekers are likely to see it.

Before you start refreshing your job ad every week, you’ll want to get familiar with the job board’s terms of service. Most websites don’t mind if you re-upload your job every week, but some run a tighter ship. The last thing you want to do is violate their terms of service, so check out the rules for posting and follow them.

Think Like a Job Seeker

When refreshing your job description, our top hint is to think like a job seeker. Jobs that have been online for longer than a month are much less likely to pull in qualified applicants.


Well, it’s as simple as the fact that those looking for a job are more likely to consider jobs that have been posted in the past few days. Anything longer, and it’s easy for job seekers to assume the job has been filled and they won’t want to spend their valuable time applying.

Find Quality Applicants

Remember, getting high-quality applicants is as easy as keeping your job ads up to date. When you have high quality applicants, it’s easier to make better hires. And when you make better hires and they’re the right people for your team, every part of your business gets better.

That’s our quick tip for the day, and to get even more helpful tricks of the trade, be sure to check out our free masterclass.