Personality Profiles Reduce Turnover in the Trades

Personality Profiles Reduce Turnover in the Trades

In the world of the blue collar trades, where businesses depend on the dedication and hard work of hourly employees, the question often arises: why invest in personality profiles for hiring?

Equal Treatment for All

Let’s address this question head-on. Every employee, regardless of their wage or job title, deserves to be treated with equal respect and opportunity.

Consider this scenario: You hire an office assistant at $10 per hour for a part time, 20 hours a week job. This means you’re investing $200 in their wages every week. Surely, allocating $50-100 for a brief 7-minute assessment is a worthwhile investment to understand them better.

The same can be said for any other employee in your company. If you value someone enough to pay their salary, they’re worth the expense of a personality profile assessment.

The Power of Personality Profiles

Personality profiles, also known as pre-hire assessments or behavioral profiles, offer invaluable insights into how people act, communicate, and interact. By incorporating them into your hiring process, you gain a deeper understanding of candidates, which can lead to great improvements in team dynamics, productivity, and company culture.

These assessments aren’t just a hiring tool. The information you get from a good personality survey will be something you use every day for the rest of the time you work together. It makes everything easier when you know your team on a deeper level – from communication to task delegation.

Benefits of Pre-Hire Assessments

Pre-hire assessments offer numerous benefits to companies.

  1. Cut down on bad hires with valuable insights into candidates’ behaviors and motivators.
  2. Speed up the hiring process by streamlining candidate evaluation and selection.
  3. Get to the root of candidates’ personalities and preferences.

Once you’ve reviewed a candidate’s results, you can ask targeted follow up questions, which allows for deeper discussions and a better fit.

Overall, pre-hire assessments contribute to more efficient and effective hiring practices, ultimately leading to stronger teams and increased company success. Whether you need help to avoid making a bad hire or you want to build a stronger team, a personality profile will help get you there.

Why Blue Collar Trades Should Embrace Personality Profiles

Using personality profiles in the hiring process allows you to make informed decisions that benefit your company and the candidate.

  1. Understanding the Individual. Blue collar trades involve close-knit teams working in physically demanding environments. Personality profiles provide a snapshot of someone’s natural behaviors, motivators, and work ethic, allowing you to tailor your approach to communication and management.
  2. Efficiency and Accuracy. Traditional interviews won’t uncover important aspects of a candidate’s personality or position fit. Pre-hire assessments streamline this process by providing objective data, leading to more informed hiring decisions.
  3. Reducing Bias and Subjectivity. Personality profiles can help mitigate bias by focusing on objective information. This ensures your hiring choices are based on culture and position fit, rather than personal preferences.
  4. Minimizing Turnover. Hiring the wrong person is expensive! Personality profiles provide insight into who is the best fit for a role and the company culture, reducing the chances of turnover and future hiring expenses.
  5. Improving Team Dynamics: Effective teamwork is essential in blue collar trades. Personality profiles allow you to build a well-rounded team with complimentary skills and personalities, creating a positive and productive work environment.

It’s important to note that personality profiles should not replace interviews, but rather compliment them. These assessments dig into behaviors and thought processes that may not naturally come up during conversations.

When Should You Give the Assessment?

Whether you offer the assessment prior to the first interview or after someone is hired, the most important thing is you give it to everyone at the same phase in the hiring process. If you decide to send it after a phone screening, you can’t pick and choose which candidates get it. Everyone at that stage needs an opportunity to take the quiz so you can avoid discrimination and bias.

Many companies choose to wait until later in the hiring process. Making the decision to give it to your top three candidates gives you a different perspective of their culture fit and position fit, especially if you’re having a difficult time choosing between seemingly similar candidates.

What if Issues Arise?

No matter how good your interview process is, you’re bound to run into communication issues eventually. When that happens, it’s time to pull out the personality profiles and see if you can breakdown some of the barriers that are preventing people from communicating effectively.

Consult Compliance and Equip Managers

Remember to consult with your compliance team about regulations and guidelines related to the use of assessments in hiring. Some companies may already have a preferred test they use.

Next, make sure your managers are equipped with the knowledge and tools to effectively use the insights gained from personality profiles. This information should be used in the day-to-day interactions with employees. Understanding the way people react and behave gives you a leg up in hiring the right people, building an effective team, and growing your business.

The Icing on the Cake

Often, people don’t work out because you don’t understand their natural behaviors, motivators, or work ethic. But using pre-hire assessments can fix that! When used correctly, these tests improve your employee onboarding, productivity, and overall engagement.

Combine personality profiles with interviewing for culture fit, position fit, and a pullback offer, and you’ll be hiring for the future. Take the opportunity to understand your team on a deeper level and watch as your company thrives.