Get More Applicants with the Perfect Job Ad Title

Do you feel like job seekers are applying for positions that they’re not qualified for? Are you struggling to get enough high-quality candidates for your open positions? Are you confused why the perfect job has been sitting unfilled for months?

One common reason for these struggles is having the wrong title in your job ad.

To Get More Applicants You Need Clear and Accurate Job Titles

When attracting the right candidates, a clear and accurate job title makes a significant difference. While it communicates the job’s essential duties and responsibilities, it also helps set the right expectations for potential applicants.

Using vague or misleading job titles can lead to confusion and wasted time for both the employer and the job seeker. Therefore, it is essential to avoid jargon, slang, or unconventional titles that may cause misunderstanding or misrepresentation of the position.

Creating clear and concise job titles will attract qualified candidates, saving you time and money.

Use Indeed’s Hiring Insights

One valuable tool to help you determine the perfect job ad title is Indeed’s Hiring Insights. This tool provides information on how many people search for certain terms, what keywords they click on, and what competition exists. This information helps you optimize your job titles to attract great candidates.

Indeed standardizes job titles across its platform, but other job boards do as well. It’s important to use the right keywords and order of keywords to ensure your job ad is easily searchable and visible to potential candidates.

Finding the Perfect Job Ad Title

We were working with a client who owned a pet resort and was seeking dog walkers. They were struggling to find applicants who loved pets and had experience in the industry. They had been using the title “pet care specialist” but were not getting the desired response. After researching what job seekers look for in a job ad, they discovered that the more commonly used job title for this type of position was “kennel technician.” By adjusting their job title to match what job seekers were searching for, they were able to attract a larger pool of qualified candidates.

The Benefits of Using the Right Job Title

By taking the time to research and use the perfect job ad titles, you’ll get more applicants of a higher quality for your open positions. Tools like Indeed’s Hiring Insights can help you optimize your job titles and attract the right candidates.

Don’t let unclear or misleading job titles prevent you from finding the right person. When you’re ready to improve your hiring results and need an expert in your corner building the process for you, contact us, we’d love to help.