Maximize the Results of Your Job Board Ad

Maximize the Results of Your Job Board Ad

A job board is the gateway between employers and job seekers. And your job ad is your storefront.

Post a stock-standard average ad and chances are you’ll get an average number of average applicants. Post an intriguing, exciting, and enticing job ad, and in return, you’ll get high-quality candidates who are ready to work.

Sound like a plan?

Keep reading to learn how to maximize the results from your job board ad.

Think In-House

You don’t have to hire a professional writer to create a captivating job board ad. In fact, you likely have the resources right at your fingertips to draw in the best of the best. That resource is an employee already on your team.

Someone who does the same or similar role and embodies the type of employee you’d like to hire. Before publishing your job board ad, take your draft to this person and ask them what they think.

Does the ad encompass the culture and benefits they see in the company? What else does the ad need to paint a picture of “why us?”

Check Out the Job Board Competition

If you’re posting for a new position or don’t have someone on your team to review your ad, not to worry. The next best thing is to check out the competition.

Look through the job board and discover what other companies, inside and outside, of your industry offer. Make note of job ads that stand out to you and consider what you can add to your job board ad to uniquely draw applicants.

Also, note what stands out as dull or uninviting, and ensure your job board ad steers clear.

Think Like a Job Seeker

Above all, put your job seeker hat on. What would drive you to apply if you were looking for a job? Competition is high for qualified applicants, but with the right ad, you can quickly become the company applicants flock to. Maximizing the results from your job ad is that easy.

To get even more helpful tricks of the trade, be sure to check out our free masterclass on how to attract, hire, and retain rock star employees.

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