Why Finding Good Employees is Impossible

The question I get asked a lot is, how can I find good people?

“I can’t find anyone!”

“There’s just no one good out there!”

And while it might feel that way, it’s not true.

You’re not looking in the right places.

You need to start thinking about attracting people to your business.

We don’t have a labor shortage problem. We have a we treat our employees like crap problem.

Somewhere along the line, leadership thought, “you know what… these people are a cog in our machine and if the machine breaks down, we replace the cog.”

People aren’t putting up with that anymore. So, we need to stop thinking about “where do I find people” or “how do I find people” and we start thinking, how do I attract people?

How do I get people to say, I need to work there.

Recruiting is not an HR activity, it is a marketing activity. And the sooner you make this shift and you take recruiting away from HR and you give it to your marketing department, the sooner you are going to start attracting the kind of people that you’ve been looking for.

If there was an emphasis and a focus on how we keep the people we have, we wouldn’t need to hire as frequently. Focus on retention. And when you focus on retention and your employees are happier,  they’re more engaged. So, they’ll be more productive, they’ll be more profitable, and your business will be more attractive to their friends and their family.

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