6 Ways to Get Candidates to Ask for a Job Even if You Don’t Have a Posting

find candidates without a job posting

Are you looking for an outstanding candidate, but haven’t found the right one yet? Do you keep posting on the same job boards without finding who you’re looking for? You may be searching for someone who doesn’t even know they’re looking for a new career.

Passive job seekers are candidates with options. These are the people who have outstanding job skills and would like to work their way up in a company, but perhaps they simply can’t commit to an active job hunt or they’re “happy enough” where they are.

Passive job seekers are the type of team member who is invested and committed, given the right environment. You’d like to bring some of this talent on board, but how can you capture their interest?

If customers respond positively to your brand, job seekers can too. “The best-run hiring process in the world won’t be able to overcome bad word of mouth about what it’s like to work for a particular company,” says U.S. News. Your brand should include a reputation for having a dynamic, ethical workplace.

An inviting company culture and opportunities to grow may be attractive to candidates. There are many ways to capture the interest of potential talent. Here are six ways to attract both the active and passive job seekers:

1. Add a Careers Page to Your Website

In addition to an inviting design, your website’s “Careers” page needs to employ SEO (search engine optimization). This page is designed to take potential candidates from discovery to conversion in one visit.

If it’s difficult to find the apply button or there’s some other obstacle, candidates will tend to move on to an easier application. That means your application for employment system shouldn’t be “convoluted and time-consuming,” said Alison Green of Ask a Manager.

2. Advertise Your Workplace Environment

Whether it’s a team lunch, the annual picnic, or some other celebration, promote it on social media. Make Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn work for your company.

Assign someone in your company to post photos to your social media accounts and include a comment about what you’re celebrating. Make sure you have permission to post from any employees in the photographs.

Encourage your employees to post pictures and follow-ups on their personal social media sites. Be honest with them about your motivation: you want everyone to know it’s a great place to work! A passive job seeker may notice their friend’s post and see they’re having more fun at work. This may make them curious enough to apply.

3. Always Be Hiring

It sounds simple: always be hiring. If your company only places job listings on your website when you actually have an opening, you’re missing a golden opportunity. If a passive job seeker is casually checking your website, you have the chance to capture their interest.

“Advertising open roles on your website is a great way to leverage the traffic your business already attracts,” says Recruiter.com.

If a visitor to your website isn’t a fit for your company, perhaps they know someone who is. Offer an incentive for website visitor employee referrals. This may be enough to make them stop and think about who they know that could be a great fit for the position.

The more people aware of your posting, the more likely you are to find a quality candidate.

4. Share Employee Video Testimonials

Nothing says “come work here!” like current employees talking about how great it is to work for you. You don’t have to wait for testimonial opportunities. Find them.

If an employee posts something positive about a team-building event, take a screenshot.

Always add a CTA (call to action) on your testimonials page. This could be as simple as saying, “Wish you were working somewhere fun? Apply today!”

5. Referral Programs for Lead-Generation

Employee Referral Programs (ERP) are a terrific way to find talent. Good people know good people! Your current employees know about your organization’s culture and mission.

The cost of rewarding your team members for referring their friends can be less than the cost of advertising job openings. Incentives can include cash, travel, paid time off, and more. The key is to choose a motivating bonus.

Consider an open referral program. People, in addition to employees, can receive incentives for a referral which leads to employment. Others people who know candidates to refer can include:

  • Boards of directors
  • Clients
  • College interns
  • Consultants
  • Employee family members
  • Employment candidates who decline offers
  • Former employees who left in good standing
  • Suppliers 

6. Car Wraps

Maybe you think wrapping your vehicle is a bit drastic, but think again. As with anything else, car signage and wraps can be as tasteful and noticeable as you want. Consider this advertising medium if your company uses vehicles for business purposes. It can also promote goodwill.

Some companies offer a branded car wrap as an employee perk. They are compensated with a monthly stipend and gas reimbursement.

You’d be surprised to hear how many people will stop your team members at the gas pump or anywhere else and ask them about your company. Your wrapped vehicle parked at a football game lets fans know you support local activities.

Small business owners feel like a wrapped vehicle can bring some legitimacy to their brand. Imagine a dirty pickup truck pulling into your driveway when you’re expecting your plumber. Are you a little hesitant to open the door? Now imagine the same truck, but this time sporting a shiny wrap featuring the company’s name and eye-catching graphics. Most people would be much more comfortable opening their door to the second driver.

There are some shocking statistics about vehicle wraps. A single wrap can generate 30,000 to 70,000 impressions in one day, according to The Business Journal. It’s hard to think of a more cost-effective form of advertising.

Start Attracting Great Candidates

Getting people to ask you for a job even if you don’t have a posting takes time. It takes commitment to promote your company, culture, and team. You can make it happen when you take these steps to attract exceptional employment candidates.